Giving our clients a unique combination of Consulting and Intelligence.
About CubeX

CubeX –a division of Sorento Healthcare works with a single-minded focus on healthcare & wellness domain. We ensure that each and every client gets nothing but the best by acting as a pathfinder for partner companies and helping them find the most logical solutions to a wide array of domain-related challenges. We closely examine each task from every perceivable angle, thereby offering an absolutely fresh perspective to an everyday problem.

Be it growth through entering new geographical territory; entering new segments within the same business; growth through change in business model; or completely different businesses within the overall healthcare & wellness domain, we make use of our extraordinary gift of vision to find solutions where none may seem to exist.

Given our unmatched skill set, we have extended ourselves to provide Business Intelligence along with Consultancy – right from what is happening in the market place; how companies are engaging with the pharmacists; what are the possible strategic moves of the competition brands / businesses; to why a particular product formulation has been launched. But that’s not all. Apart from putting in use the knowledge that we have acquired over the years, we also apply a lot of, what we call, ‘intuitive knowledge’ to arrive at insightful solutions.

In a short span of time, there are many companies that have benefitted from our unconventional approach to consulting. But we are never the ones to rest on our past laurels. So we continue to look at the world using our 360o eye view, converting challenges into opportunities.

A sprightly team of experienced professionals and young guns adept at spotting future trends.
Management Team
Susan Josi

Honestly, it’s quite hard to sum up the potential of this beautiful mind. Susan Josi - one of the founder members of Sorento - is today an eminent name in the industry, across
Asia-Pacific. Currently, she is rocketing Sorento into new orbits. Like global businesses and social health marketing. A two-time postgraduate, she has even held the reins of Ogilvy Healthcare in India.

Excited with the new, Susan is always keen to explore different dimensions. Be it presenting the 1st CEO Summit on Developing the Contraceptive Market for USAID in Philippines. Or conducting the 1st OTC Masterclass with Nicholas Hall in India. Not so long back the State’s Chamber of Commerce conferred upon her the title of
‘Best Woman Entrepreneur’.

Do they have a pageant for grey cells? Well, we have a winner in the house.
Sangeeta Barde

What GPS is to cars, Sangeeta Barde is to healthcare brands. Rough patches, challenging terrain or sharp inclines - trust Sangeeta to find a way out. In fact, in her career spanning
18 years, she has plotted incisive strategies for hundreds of brands – across therapy areas.

A founder member at Sorento, she has even successfully navigated the agency’s expansion drive - with an eye on the future - in Ground Level Communications and in Medical Communications. Today these initiatives are changing the face of the agency; from an advertising hot-shop to a 360o communications entity.

The strategic strong-hold of the agency, Sangeeta is currently bringing its research competency into the fast lane. Hardly surprising, considering she once steered Market Research at Unichem Labs.

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