Relentless & untiring pursuit for excellence.

At CubeX, nothing matters more to us than the success of our esteemed clientele. Hence, we strive hard to raise the level each day, so our clients always remain ahead of the rest.

To help our clients succeed in their endeavors, we offer the following services:


As a pathfinder, we use all our skills to ensure our clients always have an edge over their competitors. We partner with companies to help them break new ground by helping them achieve exponential business growth.

Listed below are the various services offered by us:

Strategic business reviews
  • Category & brand reviews
Growth strategies
  • India entry strategies
  • New markets / categories / segment entry strategies
Marketing strategies
New areas of growth
  • Innovation and new technology searches
  • Product broking / brand in-licensing & out-licensing
  • Identification of acquisition (L&A) candidates & opportunities
Regulatory advice
  • Decoding Indian regulatory framework (especially for OTC medicines segment)
  • Helping companies entering India with regulatory compliance process & its execution
  • Manufacturing site identification
New drug formulation advice
  • Mixing the in-depth consumer needs & lifestyle understanding with our molecule & formulation understanding, we help partner companies to develop ‘just the right’ products for Indian market consumers

Our experience & expertise ranges from OTC, Rx, Medical Devices, eHealth to Public-Private Partnerships assignment.

Click here to read a synopsis on the various projects handled by CubeX.

We have successfully spread our wings far and wide, thereby catering to a whole host of clients – from home grown companies to multinationals. We have executed varied assignments across health & wellness domain and for both Indian and multinational companies

For MNCs planning to enter the Indian market

Nature of assignment 1
  • Comprehensive review of the Indian OTC market.
  • An extensive analysis of all the top Indian & MNC OTC companies operating in India.
  • Competitive qualitative analysis of all the leading OTC players in India.
  • From a wide international OTC products portfolio of theirs, developing the best product portfolio for India,keeping in mind company’s strength, Indian OTC market environment and post analysis of regulatory and commercial feasibility study.
  • Implementing go-to-market marketing strategy and plan (de-facto external Marketing team)
Nature of assignment 2

Feasibility study with both qualitative and quantitative output in the Dietary Supplement and Energy Supplements market for a Norwegian company interested in India

Nature of assignment 3
  • For a European MNC with a domain expertise in ‘chewing gum’ format, identifying the preferred partner (a pharma company) for partnership opportunity
  • Regulatory framework analysis in India for a ‘new product format’ registration
  • Identifying new therapy areas where the new product format can be used to deliver the medicines

For companies already present in the Indian market

Nature of assignment 1
  • Identify new segmental growth opportunities
  • A detailed review of the various OTC categories in India (Cough / Cold / VMS / Immunity / Analgesics / GI).
  • Past trend analysis along with the forecasts and potential opportunity mapping in various categories
  • Leading to the identification and strategic recommendation of entering into new segments.
  • Identification of acquisition opportunities
Nature of assignment 2
  • Drawing-up the strategic blueprint & roadmap of achieving next wave of growth.
  • Comprehensive review of the existing OTC products portfolio.
  • Forecasting the future of these products in light of category & consumer evolution.
  • Identifying the new emerging segment in OTC space based on the needs, lifestyle & expectations of today’s consumer
  • Review of those segments on the basis of their potential size of the business
  • Assessing the readiness and capability of the company to leverage them
Nature of assignment 3
  • For a large MNC, identifying brands with good OTC potential for a possible ‘licence or acquisition (L&A) opportunity
  • The assignment involved, scanning and doing an in-depth analysis of 3 major OTC categories, and 21 sub-categories therein
  • Shortlisting of brands based on doctors, consumer & chemists equity along with the company context

Identification of Indian marketing & brand in-licensing partners

For two European MNCs with niche OTC products
  • Identifying the possible marketing partners and profiling them based on their current strength, capabilities, infrastructure (marketing, distribution, production etc.)
  • Develop the list of potential targets
  • Working together to formalise the arrangement to reduce the time to market

Some of our consulting assignments in Rx space

Brand, Communication Strategy & Research Assignments
DTP & Rotavirus Vaccines Brand
  • Strategic recommendation and communication development based on the Perception & Brand Personality research among HCP’s and, ethnographic studies and Segmentation study among the consumers
  • Strategic roadmap based on detailed understanding of the pediatricians regarding their ‘perception of Rotavirus Diarrhea and Vaccination for it’
Cervical Cancer
  • Perception and Message tracking of Cervical Cancer Vaccine among HCP’s
  • Large scale study to get thorough understanding of among HCPs
Cartilage protecting agents
  • Perception of such products (drugs) among Orthopedics leading to refined product & brand positioning

Public-Private Partnership Initiatives

  • Assignment done for a USAID funded project.
  • Comprehensive review of the Indian OTC regulatory environment along with opinion of all the key stakeholders towards OTC marketing.
  • Develop a public–private partnership model for USAID for the products which they wish to aggressively promote
  • Help in the forming of a public-private partnership alliance by bringing in the private partner from the pharma industry in the management of diarrhea

Other than these assignments, CubeX has executed multiple assignments in nutraceuticals or VMS domain. This is one category where we have built a sizeable domain expertise

Going to great lengths to ensure great results

CubeX has developed a vast range of syndicated reports ranging from specific categories to hot topics. Each report provides an understanding of the key market trends, in-depth analysis of the market performance and a strategic perspective on the untapped opportunity areas. Here is a list of the reports prepared by CubeX:

CubeX Mirror OTC Report 2016

Many prescription brands are waiting in the wings, unexplored opportunities beckoning them over the horizon. Spreading their wings, they can fly higher by going OTC.
Our Rx-to-OTC Switch Strategy ensures that brands reach the peaks of possibilities. If you are confident your brands are capable of taking wing, get in touch with us.

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CubeX Mirror OTC Report 2016

A nationwide study of consumers, doctors and chemists across 22 self-medication categories in India. One exhaustive OTC Report.
Presenting the all-encompassing CubeX Mirror OTC Report 2016. A nationwide study of consumers, doctors and chemists across 22 self-medication categories in India. One exhaustive OTC Report. A reflection of incisive insights and actionable strategies, it will help take your brand to newer heights.

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A Ready Reckoner of Revolutionary innovations in Consumer Healthcare

In an age where technology is evolving rapidly, innovation as a growth driver can be an understated strategy. It can become the all-pervasive factor for sustaining an organization in an intensely competitive field. The pressure on drug prices and increased consumers’ demand for effective and convenient products is driving healthcare companies like Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline to set up innovation hubs across regions or collaborate with innovators outside their own organizations.

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Nutraceuticals A whole New Sutra for Consumer Healthcare Companies in India

India is one of the most potential markets for Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements. The Indian Nutraceutical market is expected to grow to $6.1 billion by 2020. The burgeoning affluent middle class in the country is increasingly becoming health conscious. The awareness about the positive impact of using nutraceuticals and dietary supplements among the young Indians adds a new dimension to the growth of this segment.

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Getting Bigger and Better: Success strategies of leading consumer healthcare companies in India

The spree of global consolidations and alliances and the changing regulatory environment in India has created ripple effects in the domestic pharmaceutical market. One positive outcome is that consumer healthcare is gaining momentum and will soon become an inevitable business proposition. Across the spectrum from FMCG-based consumer healthcare business to consumer care divisions in pharmaceutical companies, spanning Indian companies as well as MNCs, various business models adopted in the Indian OTC market have been detailed in CubeX’s latest report. This report deciphers various strategies adopted by successful companies to leverage growth opportunities. Using a comprehensive methodology, 10 dynamic consumer health companies have been benchmarked across 5 key functions. Their best practices can be adopted by marketers seeking to enter the Indian OTC market or to accelerate the next wave of growth.

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Decoding the Better Half of India: Mapping the Health and Wellness Opportunity among Indian Women, Version 2, 2016

Women represent a significant portion of the consumer that no marketer can afford to ignore.

Brands like Ostocalcium, VWash and Lactacyd have gained significant brand equity through direct and effective communication to women. Besides, there are many such brand extensions that are in constant endeavour to sustain their market share by adding women centric SKU’s.

CubeX’s latest updated report, ‘Decoding the Better Half of India: Mapping the Health and Wellness Opportunity among Indian Women, Version 2, 2016’ serves as a ready reckoner to make strategic decisions for your brand.
This new edition will help you explore many untapped opportunities in the Women Healthcare market. Promotional strategies followed by key Indian and Global Women Health OTC brands are mapped to help your brand build a more focused approach to target the new-age woman.

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Nicholas Hall's OTC YearBook 2015

OTC YearBook 2016 gives you the most up-to-date and fully-informed picture of the OTC industry around the world, featuring expert analysis and incorporating full year-end 2015 data from the only dedicated worldwide OTC database, Nicholas Hall’s unique and invaluable DB6 Global OTC Database.

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Nicholas Hall's OTC Insight Asia 2016

Nicholas Hall’s Insight, a monthly periodical by Nicholas Hall & Company, provides readers with up-to-date information on the OTC industry.

It covers an excellent range of topics from company and brand profiles, country overviews to regulatory reviews, local news and product launches. This periodical is spread across four regions, namely, Asia- Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America.

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Line Extensions: The Key to growth strategy?

Launching line extensions has been one of the popular strategies of expanding the portfolio in the Indian OTC market, evident from the fact that most new launches are extensions of existing brands. However, launching a line extension can be a tough decision for marketers with concerns on the impact on the parent brand’s equity.

In an effort to address these concerns, CubeX, in its latest report, has analysed the successful Indian OTC brands in the Indian OTC market to decipher insights on various line extension strategies, answering a multitude of questions and stimulating marketers to explore growth strategies for their existing brands. Global case studies too have been included to give marketers a flavour of innovative line extensions used by popular OTC brands.

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Leveraging the OTC Potential of India’s 350 Million “Kidsumers”

The Indian OTC market has so far focused on adult’s needs with hardly any brands positioned specifically for children. Moreover, the focus has been on illness needs in children with wellness needs largely addressed by FMCG companies. The impact of lifestyle changes is beginning to have far-reaching effects, beyond obesity in children too, which are typically observed in adults. The needs in children have thus expanded from illness to wellness significantly. Based on the emerging need gaps in children’s healthcare, CubeX is ready to launch yet another hot topic report, Leveraging the OTC Potential of India’s 350 Million “Kidsumers”, highlighting the untapped opportunity areas, as a part of the series on demographic segments.

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Nicholas Hall's DB6 Global OTC Database

Nicholas Hall’s DB6 Global OTC Database is designed to provide a strategic perspective of the Indian OTC market in order to understand opportunities in the current scenario as well for futuristic planning. It is a strategic management tool chosen by almost all top OTC companies in the world. This database covers both pharma and non-pharma distribution channels and all non-prescription sales in retail outlets. This makes the data not only more complete and closer to actual on-ground reality, but also unique, as in India no secondary database covers both these channels.

Nicholas Hall’s DB6 Global OTC Database integrates year-end sales data for the last five years across:

  • 6 major OTC categories
  • Over 50 sub-categories
  • More than 400 brands
  • Over 100 marketers

The database is complemented with a detailed report (in PowerPoint format) on the Indian OTC market, covering market analysis along with key insights and trends.

If you would like to discuss more details or view a template of the database, you can write to us at

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Decoding the Better Half of India: Mapping the Health and Wellness Opportunity among Indian Women

Marketers have been looking at innovative ways and strategies to expand their business. Demographic segmentation has been one of them, especially in case of health supplements. But this strategy is yet to see success in its true sense, especially in case of women-related needs. It is time to unravel the mystery box called “women”. The fact that the women population is emerging as a force to reckon with – shaping not just their family’s future but the world economy at large, adds to relevance to their unconventional side. In the marketing context, it translates to opportunities that women present as “consumers”, rather than being mere influencers or decision makers.

CubeX has demystified the Indian woman to understand her as a person - her approach to life, her health concerns and needs in its latest report, “Decoding the Better Half of India: Mapping the Health and Wellness Opportunity among Indian Women”. The opportunity areas have been detailed, with immense illustration of global case studies, to highlight the focus areas in the woman’s healthcare market. Please refer to the attached mailer for more details about this report.

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Discover The Hidden OTC Gems of the Indian Pharma Market (Ver. 1.0 & Ver. 2.0)

The Consumer Health and Wellness domain presents immense growth opportunities. This is evident from the fact that many FMCG companies are coveting this space with functional foods and healthy variants. For a healthcare company, launching an altogether new brand in the OTC space is a huge challenge. However, there is a silver lining. There are many prescription brands in the Indian Pharma Market which are self-medicated by consumers and doctors also acknowledge this reality. The latent potential of these brands can be discovered by taking them OTC and hence they are the “Hidden Gems” of the OTC market.

With vast experience of consulting companies with OTC strategies, CubeX has identified 30 such “Hidden Gems”. These brands have been evaluated for their OTC potential using The CubeX OTC Brand Evaluation Scorecard, in a series of two reports. These reports are must haves for those looking for growth opportunities and expansion of the OTC portfolio.

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"Back to the Roots: Landscaping OTC Opportunities in the Indian Ayurveda Market"

At CubeX, our endeavour is to provide a strategic outlook to the OTC market. In line with this, our latest updated report, “Back to the Roots: Landscaping OTC Opportunities in Indian Ayurveda Market, Version 2, 2015” has outlined the directions for provident marketers looking to enter the Indian Ayurveda market. VER2, 2015

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"Tasting New Trends in the Indian Health Supplements Market"

The nutritional differences across regions and the resulting nutritional imbalances that prevail across demographic groups have been highlighted in this report. While the health and wellness market is expanding, the competitive landscape is being redefined with healthcare as well as food companies jostling for a share of the pie. Thus, it is imperative for marketers to understand the gaps in the market and offer innovative products in order to sustain consumer attention and thus taste success in this lucrative space.

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Indian OTC Brand Case Studies Master Report Ver.2.0 – A Biography of India’s successful OTC Launches and Promotional Switches

After the overwhelming response received for the Case Study Report Ver 1.0, CubeX has launched its brand new Indian OTC Brand Case Studies Master Report Ver.2.0 – ‘A Biography of India’s successful OTC Launches and Promotional Switches’. This is an enhanced version, covering 18 brands across direct OTC launches as well as Rx to OTC switches, in a specially designed format to help you answer many of your queries on OTC marketing in India.

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Indian OTC Brands Case Studies Book (digital format)

Though OTC medicines category in India is not as well developed as Western markets, there are still some of the iconic OTC brands which have created a strong market constituency for themselves. There is lot to learn from the strategy & the journey of these brands.

This book has case studies of Rx to OTC switch brands, frank OTC brands, brands creating new segments, OTC brand failures - across many therapeutic areas such as cough, antacids, topical analgesics, systemic analgesics, skin care, and emergency contraceptives.

This report reviews popular OTC brands launched in India, providing an insightful analysis of successful launch strategies for the Indian market.

Each brand is explored from its launch date to the present, detailing obstacles faced, line extensions, and communication strategies and integrated media strategies adopted. Each case study details the challenges overcome and key success factors for the brand. Some of the brands reviewed include Revital, Volini, Crocin, Hajmola and many more.

In a country where regulatory challenges are rife, this report also explains how OTC marketers have overcome these to build successful brands. The exploration of how iconic brands have retained their relevance and remained contemporary to today’s consumer adds an interesting dimension to this report. The report also covers some brands and / or line extensions that weren’t so successful and were withdrawn from the Indian market, and looks at why they failed.

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OTC Regulatory Framework in India – a riddle or an enabler?

CubeX has updated its popular report, “OTC Regulatory Framework in India: A Riddle or an Enabler” to capture the latest developments related to various aspects such as drug pricing, food supplements, Drugs & Cosmetics Act and also outline the complete process and regulatory clearances required. Moreover, the report exemplifies how these developments can be strategically translated into opportunities to maximize the potential for your company and brands. This report serves as a ready reckoner for marketing and regulatory teams seeking to enter the Indian OTC market or to expand the existing business.

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COMPASS (Chemist Monitor) Study

Importance of chemists in the eventual success of OTC brands can’t be undermined at all. And ironically, chemists are the least understood stakeholders in the entire chain. Hence we undertook the task of understanding their attitude & behaviour towards OTC drugs and brands. Additionally, we also explored what they think about (imagery and association with OTC market) top OTC brands and companies.

Close to 1100 chemists spread across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh & Pune were covered.

Some of the important and strategically critical questions asked include:
  • What role do they perceive for themselves vis-à-vis OTC Marketing (Dispensing medicine or dispensing advice as well)?
  • What influences chemists in their brand recommendation?
  • What is the extent of brand substitution?
  • What are the factors influencing brand substitution?
  • What factors guide consumers in their brand choice?
  • What happens at the outlet at the time of purchase (Consumer-chemist interaction)?

And many more such strategic questions are answered in this study.

This magnum-opus study covers 6 broad OTC categories, 23 sub-categories with-in, close to 150 brands and all the top OTC marketers.

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OTC – The Final Frontier

This study focused on doctors and consumers to understand their attitude &behaviour towards the OTC drugs. More than 1000 doctors and consumers were covered under the study across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Indore & Ludhiana.

All the key OTC categories and the top brands within them were covered under this study.

Some of the dominant beliefs among consumers & doctors probed and answered under this study were:
  • The consumer is yet not ready for more and more OTC brands
  • It will adversely affect doctors if a Rx brand switches OTC
  • Going OTC will change consumer perceptions of hitherto Rx drugs
  • A brand will lose sales upon shifting from Rx to OTC… and many more

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World of OTC, in India, is now abuzz with lot of action...from new brand launches to more Rx to OTC switches to new variants launch to new communication...there is a significant level of activity across various areas with-in the larger OTC space. Click here to view CubeX OTC Newsline, a fortnightly newsletter from us, which will track all the new developments happening in the OTC domain in India and will provide a brief perspective on them.

Latest Market Trends

CubeX constantly strives to contribute towards knowledge creation and initiate new ideas. These ideas in turn will help spark new debates, eventually resulting in generation of sustainable ideas for the future. Click on the titles below to view the presentations.

E-pharmacy - Consumer Need or Business Want?
India has over 167.2 million internet users. However, ranks 10th in the global Ecommerce market in terms of number of online buyers. Click here to download

“Ad-diction: A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads ”, Ad-diction, has been adored by our readers for being a jukebox of the different TVCs and print ads that consumer healthcare brands launched throughout the year
Click here to view the e-book., please write to us at

“Ad-diction – A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads ”, In its third edition, Ad-diction, has been cherished by our readers and acts as a one-stop shop to gain an understanding of the different TVCs and print ads that consumer healthcare brands launched through the year.
Click here to view the e-book., please write to us at

“Ad-diction – A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads ”, As a New Year gift, CubeX has been sending out a compilation of the latest ads in the Consumer Healthcare industry. After having received a lot of appreciation for the last compilation, this year too we have generated a volume 2 of the ready reckoner titled Ad-diction – A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads.
Click here to view the e-book., please write to us at

“The Re-Run - A Ready Reckoner of Indian Consumer Healthcare Ads”, a much treasured handy e-book, is a mixed compilation of 50 TVC storyboards and print ads of consumer healthcare brands, showcased in our CubeX OTC Newsline, right from its inception in February 2011 till December 2012.
Click here to enjoy the e-book.If you would like to access a PDF version of the e-book, please write to us at

Almost one-third of India’s population forms the Bottom of the Pyramid, which is too significant in size to miss the opportunities. Over the past decade, business visionaries like C.K. Prahlad have highlighted the enormity of untapped opportunities among the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ (BoP) consumers. However, marketing to BoP has been limited to introducing sachets and low priced offerings with many companies yet to see success. Healthcare companies too are grappling with challenges in expanding their consumer base. Marketing to BoP consumers calls for a deep understanding of the market and “money management” behavior of this segment.CubeX has attempted to understand the concept of Bottom of Pyramid marketing in the context of the Indian market.
Click here to access the presentation ‘Marketing to Bottom of the Pyramid Consumers in India’.

Anti-smoking campaigns have attempted to wane people away from nicotine addiction but the motivation to quit smoking is generally low and unsustainable. In this context, the concept of E-Cigarettes is steadily emerging as a popular remedy for smoking cessation, especially in India. CubeX has evaluated the market opportunity for
E-Cigarettes in India. Click here to know more about Concept of E-Cigarettes in India.

The advent of Social media has changed the way a brand communicates with its audiences. In fact, given today’s scenario, it has become one of the most important marketing medium. Though pharmaceutical companies outside the country have leveraged the power of this media to an extent, no Indian company has, till date, used this medium to its utmost potential.
Click here to know about Social Media: Changing the Rules of Pharma Marketing.

In India, the OTC industry is growing at a fast clip and generating active interest from both Indian &
MNC pharma companies. Click here to know more and understand the Indian OTC market in the presentation titled, The OTC Switch is ON in India.

Chemists are pivotal to the success of an OTC brand. Hence it becomes extremely important to understand the chemists’ attitude as well as what makes them tick. Click here to download the presentation that will help your brand gain the most coveted shelf space in pharmaceutical retail.

The pharmaceutical market has lots of opportunities to be explored for the future.
Click here for Global Pharmaceutical Market Outlook.
Click here for Indian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook.
Click here for Marketing Whitebook - The Indian Pharmaceutical Market Poised for a Leap.

Conferences & Workshops

Annual CubeX-Nicholas Hall OTC Conference 2017
17th November 2017. A day unlike any other. It’s your date with the leading architect of the OTC world – Mr. Nicholas Hall. An opportunity to also interact with other experts from the industry to create a bigger blueprint of your business awaits you.
Click here to know more about the conference.

In case some of you were unable to attend the conference and would like to know more details, you can write to us at .

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